Hello everyone… sorry for the lack of posts! But wow I’ve somehow got tons of new followers. I’m going to be posting more on my new blog BroccoliBabe I literally just made it two seconds ago and I am going to continue to post lots of yummy healthy fruit and veggies and also post my recipes and personal health posts on that blog!

I’m am currently doing the master cleanse because I felt like I needed it. I worked at a vegan pizza place that had amazing salads (and amazing vegan pizza) and I kinda fell off the health wagon while I was working there/ became too lazy to cook but now I’m in a whole other mindset and I’m feeling super motivated! I want to look and feel completely different than how I have … well basically my whole life. SO YES. Yay for change!

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Wow I just remembered that I bought a durian this weekend. :’) it’d in the freezer I completely forgot.

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I haven’t updated in a while because things got super busy. I got two new jobs!

WHAT? WHY? I don’t know. But here I am! With an additional two jobs.

Anyways this blog is almost directly linked with my health because I noticed that when I update less I eat crappier! So it’s kind of like you are my mom and and when I don’t update it’s kind of like you are my mom who flew out of town for the weekend. 

So I am obviously already “turnin this car around” and getting healthy again!

I haven’t been too bad, it’s was like a week of barely eating and then a week of healthy eating + too many crackers then a week when I went crazy and ate thai food all week! It was weird. I was seriously addicted to pad thai and green curry and didn’t want anything else!

So it wasn’t too bad. One of my jobs makes super yummy salads so I had lots of those. Yesterday I restocked on bulks of fruit so I shouldn’t go so much off course. (Jackfruit, mangos, hawaiian papaya, bananas, green kale)

I decided over the course of these last few weeks that I would rather be two jobs poorer than be deprived of blogging! So I might do another smoothie challenge or a salad challenge or something cool. :) I also have a main blog where I post a little more frequently. It’s extremely silly.

I don’t know if you guys know what I look like, but yeah there’s plenty of selfies on the other blog.

P.S. yay veggies and health and stuff!

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